My husband and I are so annoyed at the free weekend that we got from the people at Bluegreen Vacations for a number of reasons. First, they felt like it was necessary that they had to call us about six times to…

05 April

I would advise people not to sign up for Bluegreen Vacations because they seem to be a complete waste of time to deal with. It turns out that there is almost nothing available at all times and if you do want to…

15 March

My husband and I absolutely hate sleazy salesmen and wasting our time in useless presentations where we do not benefit at all. I am so annoyed that Bluegreen Vacations would send us such sleazy salesmen. The gu…

01 March

Bluegreen Vacations has been an annoying service for me because I booked almost two weeks in advance but yet they still could not get me to the destination I wanted. They made me go to a partner hotel and made …

16 February

We felt extremely coerced into purchasing a plan with Bluegreen Vacations and it did not turn so well. It is to the point that we think that they are running a scam. We were at the presentation and they us such…

06 February

I recently had to forego a vacation that I really wanted with Bluegreen Vacations because of employee error that really annoyed me. I do not understand why your employees would lead me on on a holiday that I re…

22 January


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