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Name: Borderlinx Inc.
Serving Dayton/Miami Valley
United States - 45424

I have been using Borderlinx for my international shipping needs and I must tell everyone that is a definite pain to work with them. Just recently I had an order shipped to them and they have been keeping my pa…

05 April

I used my Borderlinx to have some items delivered to them. I had made the purchases through Amazon and I was just waiting for Borderlinx to deliver everything to me soon. However, it has already been a month and they had informed me that the items that they were suppose…

15 March

I am annoyed, livid and extremely angry with Borderlinx because they have kept my product for more than three weeks because according to them they were moving locations. This is completely unacceptable because …

01 March

I will advise you and everyone who will get to read this not to do business with Borderlinx because they charge you so much money for the simplest deliveries and courier service. Their customer service represen…

16 February

I had purchased an item that I really needed for my infant child in the United States and I had arranged for Borderlinx to have it delivered to me. The only problem is that I was sent the wrong item and I expected that the merchant to correct it which they did. The only…

06 February

I have been waiting for a month and my lens from Borderlinx still has not arrived at all. This is a very expensive lens that I have been waiting for and Borderlinx does not seem to offer any kind of help to me whatsoever. When I called one of their representatives I was…

22 January


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