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I really need this items to give to family members during a very delicate time in our lives. However, I still have not received the items that I have ordered from Brave New Look and this is really starting to c…

21 March

I thought that I had found the perfect gift for a family member of mine when I was browsing at the collection of Brave New Look. I immediately paid for it and had it delivered to her on her birthday. However, I…

08 March

I am a little disappointed at the services of Brave New Look because I was not able to receive the items that I had paid for and ordered from them as of yet. I want to take action with regard to this because I …

23 February

I bought leggings from Brave New Look and I was annoyed because they did not arrive at all. I checked my credit card transaction history and I found that it was charged with a purchase so these guys at Brave Ne…

12 February

Brave New Look seems to deliver their ornaments after the season because after I had place a significant amount of money on an order from they. They tell me that it will take a few weeks before the items are produced. Brave New Look  did not state this anywhere else in …

29 January


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