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Name: Brazzers
1209 Orange Street. Wilmington, DE - 19801, USA
United States

I did not like the content and service from Brazzers so I did not opt to join in their membership at all. I did try their trial service. However, they have retained my credit card information and have charged m…

05 March

I tried out the adult entertainment site Brazzers and I found that I did not enjoy their content at all. I want it cancelled at the soonest and I want the charge attempts to stop. Out of the charges that were m…

20 February

Somebody apparently used my account, I think, to sign up with Brazzers and now I have my account frozen because your company tried to pull money out of it. I hope this gets resolved soon and I be refunded the full amount of something I never subscribed to in the first p…

07 February

I think Brazzers does not understand that I only signed up for the one dollar for two day trial that they have. At this point I want them to get rid of my account and deactivate it because I do not want to pay sixty bucks for a full account. I did not want to upgrade my…

24 January


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