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Flying on British Airways seems to be a little troublesome nowadays because it feels as if you are traveling with an ancient fleet of aircraft. Everything is just so old and filthy in most planes. I feel as if …

15 April

I am so annoyed with British Airways because my travel agent had told me that in order to guarantee seating next to my wife I would have to book weeks in advance which I did. however, when we got to boarding th…

21 March

Imagine the surprise I had when my British Airways flight was delayed and I found someone else sitting on my seat after I had tried to get back on the plane. Due to this, I lost my seat on the plane and was also unable to reach my destination on time pushing back plans …

08 March

The British Airways employee that we spoke to seemed to be too inconsiderate for the plight of my mother who is really deaf and old. This particular agent had insisted to put my mother through the hassle of con…

23 February

My family and I do not appreciate the way British Airways has been acting with some of their pricing policies. I feel as if they are using predatory practices with the way they are acting and it has been really…

12 February

Unfortunately, British Airways has transformed into a low cost aircraft as opposed to attempting to separate on the premium section. Contending like this with Ryanair and EasyJet may demonstrate unsafe. Why pick BA when you can fly less expensive and have a similar serv…

10 January

Never fly British Airways! The carrier, client administration, and booking all should be settled! The aircraft shouts ineptitude

09 January

I recently flew from Johannesburg Terminal A to Heathrow (London) Terminal 5 and  Heathrow (London) Terminal 5  to Johannesburg Terminal A. I was traveling with my children on said flights, and it's the first l…

09 January

British Airways made us buy tickets, while we had already. They told that, they're going to refund tax fees of our return tickets, which we couldn't use, but they didn't refund and call us. We can't anyone to a…

05 September 2017

I bought round trip ticket for my spouse and myself to London from British Airways. My blood pressure raised at trip day and we couldn't take it under control, so we couldn't fly on that day. We bought one-way …

18 August 2017


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