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I have never really purchased myself a handbag from Calvin Klein before so this is a first for me. What annoys me is that I feel as if the quality of their products has gone down the drain. I have heard many st…

2 d

I bough a pair of trousers from Calvin Klein and they were such a great fit. I loved them because they looked excellent and they were absolutely perfect for the day job that I had. However, disaster struck unex…

08 March

I am a little annoyed that I spent so much money on a dress from Calvin Klein only to find that its color blended together. It was black and white and somehow the colors started falling into each other. This wa…

23 February

I would really appreciate it if Calvin Klein replaces the jacket that I purchased from their store because it broke when I was following the washing instructions detailed on it. It's been a tad bit annoying and…

12 February

I had to deal with a rude Calvin Klein manager the other day because I was trying to get a refund on a few Calvin Klein products that i got as a gift. Tensions started getting loud as her voice started elevating because the product did not have price tags. I told her th…

29 January

Last year, I purchased a quite pricey Calvin Klein coat from Macy's. To my disappointment, the zipper had broken just after a few uses. As such, I would like a replacement as the coat has barely been worn. I have learned that there are similar complaints about the zippe…

09 January

On 05.08.2017, I purchased wallet and bag. The day after, I put wallet in my bag to use and it was deformed in bag. Store took it back for analyzing. I call headquarters to speed the process, but noone is answering. My brand-new product has deformed and they sent it for…

09 August 2017

On the 15th of July 2017 Calvin Klein responded to my complaint saying the flawed shoes I bought from them are not their responsibility because the back of my foot getting torn is because of my foot and not bec…

18 July 2017

On the 27th of May 2017 I bought a wallet from Boyner store in Tepe Nautilus sho…

18 July 2017

In april I bought a pair of shoes from Deriden store in Next Level shopping mall. Despite wearing it only a few times the strings on my shoe started to come off. When I went to the store for a complaint they sa…

30 June 2017


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