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Name: Camel
P.O. Box 2959
Winston Salem
North Carolina
United States - 27102-2959

I am a smoker and I have stuck to the Camel for sometime now. I think everyone knows how expensive cigarette smoking can be now and as a result I make sure that I am really paying for the quality of the cigaret…

23 March

I am a smoker and as price go up it makes it difficult for me to smoke. I usually smoke Camels, they are my go to brand and I liked them for their smoothness. However, the last pack of Camels that I had purchased was not to my standards at all. I found that the cigarett…

12 March

I have been a little annoyed that I cannot cancel the spam emails that I have been receiving from Camel even though I do not currently reside in the United States. You won;t be able to log in unless you;re in the United States and when I use alternative methods to fool …

26 February

I smoke about a pack of cigarettes from Camel a day and I purchase my cigarettes by the carton every nine or ten days. I have been recently disappointed by the Camel crush menthols that I have been smoking because they do not seem to reflect the quality that I am used t…

13 February

We tried using Camel coupons that came with their product but the problem is they do not seem to work as advertised. My girlfriend tried the codes on an android device and they only seemed to work for a couple of times before they stop loading. The problem is when you c…

31 January

Camel activate mint is living up to what I expected and I think that they have serious problems with quality control. I bought myself a box of the cigarettes the other day and I tried popping the small menthola…

16 January


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