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Name: Captain D's, LLC
624 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 30
United States - 37211

I am so annoyed at the experience that my husband and I had at Captain D's because everything seemed to be out of order and the staff were inconsiderate. Someone had also come in so mad about this order, but they did not want to replace his food without the receipt so t…

23 March

I do not like the customer service that our family got from Captain D's at all. I even felt like our almost eighty year old family member was mistreated. She was not allowed to avail of a senior citizen discoun…

13 March

I was really hungry and I needed to get some food for my children and my husband the other day. I ordered a few sampler meals and a kids meal. However, when I was given my take out order from Captain D's I was …

27 February

I really dislike the way the manager at Captain D's treats his staff members because he says all sorts of nasty things to them when he's angry. there was this one time where we actually heard him throwing stuff…

15 February

We went to Captain D's for a quick meal because we were famished and we got in we saw a woman in the kitchen. We were doing our best to be cordial and jolly, making a few jokes here and there keep the mood pleasant but it did not turn out the way we planned it. We asked…

31 January

Attached to this original complaint are the names of the managers I have proof of taking in alcoholic beverages while doing their shift. I know this to be a fact because I once worked here and I had to serve th…

18 January


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