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If you think that you can easily stop from charging your credit card even if you do not avail of their services any longer then you must be truly and completely mistaken because these guys will do ever…

04 April

I had signed up with in order to find myself a nanny and after I had used the platform I decided that I did not want to anymore. However, even though I had already made that decision I have found that …

15 March

You will not believe the experience I have had with's supposed "free trial" program where they took my credit card information and started charing me for every quarter that I was a part of the website.…

05 March

I have had it with services that do not deliver as stated in their promotional material because I feel like has just taken my money and given me nothing. I really wanted a tutor for some advanced mathe…

19 February

A family member of mine worked for this family that has not given her the compensation that she duly deserves and this has caused such a big problem for us. She uses in order for her to get clients, but does your company help resolve issues like this? At times,…

06 February

I do not understand how your company can suspend my account on a permanent basis due to the things that transpired. It was in the past and it was a charge that was accused of someone who was also a victim. This is bias on so many different degrees. Why did they not talk…

23 January


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