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Name: CARiD
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New Jersey
United States - NJ08512

I tried to get myself a major car accessory last time from CARiD and I tried to get in touch with their customer service team in order to determine the dimensions of the item that I wanted to buy from them. I was sent over the wrong size of the item I was purchasing and…

07 April

I was very annoyed when I discovered that the item that I had shipped to my friend from the United States was wrong and the customer service of CARiD suddenly would not accept it because it did not have the cor…

19 March

I am more than just a little annoyed with CARiD because they have sent me a vehicle part that was already damaged when I had received it. It turns out that they do not seem to care less about replacing the prod…

06 March

I will not be recommending CARiD to anyone that I know of anytime soon due to the way that they treat their customers. They had sent me wheels that did not fit well and they refused to take them back for some r…

20 February

I have been shopping with CARiD and although it does have its benefits I find it to be something that you shouldn't really care too much for. It's annoying, their staff is annoying and their service is the bigg…

07 February

Can CARiD please give me a refund at the soonest? I have been waiting to return the damage appliance that I had recently purchased and the return label has been taking so long. Now I am being passed around by CARiD reps and I do not understand how hard it is for me to g…

25 January


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