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I won't be able to make it to the Carnival Cruise Lines ship that I had booked for my holiday so I was really requesting the people on the ship to cancel my reservation and refund me the money. This is due to problems in the flight that I was having and the delayed natu…

03 May

I had decided to go on a cruise with a family member of mine so that we could really enjoy the holidays. However, it seemed as if we could not enjoy the cruise at all. I woke up being so red and itchy, and I can say that it was the result of the numerous bed bugs that w…

30 April

We went for a cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines because we thought that we could just get away from it all even just for a short period of time. However, the room that we were given did not really cut it for us a…

21 April

Due to unforeseen circumstances I will be unable to go on the cruise that I had booked with Carnival Cruise Lines and as a result I had asked for an extension. However, it is now apparent to me that I would sti…

05 April

My mother and I were planning to take a cruise to be ale to let our hair loose and enjoy. However, the problem is we had scheduling conflict and we really had to cancel our cruise altogether. My mother had orig…

15 March

I was extremely delighted that I was going to get to relax when I went on a Carnival Cruise Lines trip, but at the last minute I had a couple of problems with my flight so I really needed the representative to …

01 March

I cannot believe that we once missed our flight for a vacation that was booked through Carnival Cruise Lines because of their own staff member's fault. We ended paying more because of Carnival Cruise Lines. I f…

19 February

Our time with Carnival Cruise Lines was not a vacation at all with the way we were being treated. We found the crew of Carnival Cruise Lines to be extremely rude and unfriendly. There was this instance where my…

06 February

I was going to have surgery and I tried to get a refund on my Carnival Cruise Lines package. However, I do not think that Carnival Cruise Lines gave me any consideration given my ailments which was saddening. I did not mean for me to have surgery done and I was really l…

22 January


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