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I tried to book a rental with the platform and it has done nothing but annoy me on so many different degrees. I do not like having to deal with people that do not want to make the user interface …

06 April

I think that should help me out because when I had gotten to the airport they were already out of vehicle at Ace.They told me that they would match help match the price at another rental company. I tried doing that but the other rental company was unable …

15 March

I am a little hassled and annoyed by the service that I received from the Advantage Rental Car company. I am hoping that can help me out with this issue because I feel like they will be able to. …

01 March

I had a fight that was cancelled and my booking/reservation from really has to be either postponed or cancelled. These guys do not seem to have any form of customer service desk that I can call, …

19 February is a really bad service with the way they handled my request for a vehicle. I requested a mid size sedan and they left me stuck with a sub compact. How am I supposed to use this vehicle for the needs that I have there is a reason why I requested for a big…

06 February promised me a refund in about two days but I have waited for so long. Every time I try to ask them what is going on I am told that I should wait a little while longer so that they could process the refund that I deserve. I ask and I aks but I get no respo…

22 January


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