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I do not appreciate services that try to milk you for money than you really owe them. I have been a Cash Generator customer for so long and for some reason, the guys over at one of their branches have tried to …

06 April

There is this particular Cash Generator that I frequent and I find that the employee that works there to be very rude to me. I cannot tell you how many times this person was berating towards my husband and I and I feel as if he does not care at all. There was this one t…

15 March

I am a little curious if Cash Generator has a record of the previous loans that I have taken out from them. I really hope that there is something that they can do about pulling out my records from years back be…

01 March

I am so annoyed at Cash Generator because I arrived at the exact closing time and the staff inside started telling me that they were closed although I know they could still serve me. What adds to my annoyance i…

19 February

I went into a Cash Generator the other day and I was appalled by the service that I was provided. I felt like they did not give me the due service I deserved. I wanted to put in extra cash into a tablet for extra cash until my payday but I was not allowed to do so becau…

06 February

I ordered a phone from Cash Generator and yet I still do not have the item that I asked for. I checked out my receipt on PayPal and tried to look for which Cash Generator it went to,  when I checked that particular store claims that they do not have the phone in stock. …

22 January


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