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I am so annoyed at the people at Cato Institute because I felt like nobody was planning to give me any form of customer service when I was there the other day. I spent more than half an hour at the store and no…

03 April

I am a former employee of a particular location of the Cato Institute and you will not believe what our manager would do to us. It was absolutely disgusting behavior from her end. She would embarrass us in fron…

15 March

I feel like managers should be the epitome of great customer service towards the customers that they serve and be good examples to their employees as well. However, when I was on the phone there was this manage…

01 March

A family member and I were shopping at Cato Institute and we encountered the worst customer service imaginable because the people over at the store did not even want to assist us. Instead these Cato Institute e…

19 February

I do not really appreciate how the manager at Cato Institute treats her employees and they seem to have a new set of staff twice a year at their location. It really is surprising.  The crew that she handles seems to be a very nice bunch, well, that's coming from me as a…

06 February

Why is Cato Store suffering lately? The clothes they have been offering are not that great anymore, and the usual employees seem to have left. Those were the good staff and managers. Now, I cannot even see a go…

23 January


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