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I am so annoyed at the customer service at the end of CenturyLink because I feel like it is highly unsatisfactory. I have been overcharged time and time again by the company and I found that it was only a god r…

3 d

In this day and age, not being connected for two entire weeks is definitely such a big deal and I do not know if CenturyLink understands this at all. It seems as if they do not even care about repairing the pro…

03 April

It took such a long time for CenturyLink to install the internet at our new house because they cancelled on us about three times. It was moths before we got anything done with regard to their internet. Every ti…

15 March

I have been such a loyal customer to CenturyLink. In fact, I have been with them for so many years that it really surprised me that I was not able to get what I needed from them I don't know why they would stil…

01 March

I am angry at the internet service that I had purchased from CenturyLink because they do not seem to respect their customer. They have already started charging me even though nothing was installed yet and their…

19 February

I have been such a loyal customer of CenturyLink that their actions now really upset me. I was told that I could get a lower rate and a lifetime rate because of my loyalty, and apparently this involved a barrage of customer service phone calls that led me nowhere. In fa…

06 February

This telecom company's billing department is nothing short of nasty and inefficient because I have called in my concern one too many times. For twelve months now, CenturyLink has billed me an insane excess of w…

23 January


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