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Even if the finance charges on my vehicle from JPMorgan Chase Bank were too high, I still kept at it and paid well for almost three years. I had gotten into a vehicular accident and I had asked JPMorgan Chase B…

29 April

I am so annoyed at how JPMorgan Chase Bank froze my account out of nowhere. After a fraudulent transaction with my account with them a few years ago, I had opened a new account with them that was linked to an A…

21 April

It is very expensive to pay via the telephone if you are a customer of JPMorgan Chase Bank and I do not know how else to pay for bills so I have had to put off paying some of my utilities because nothing from t…

08 April

My wife and I have been going to this particular JPMorgan Chase Bank branch for many years to cash my paychecks and never have we ever been treated like criminals until a few days ago. The new teller that was t…

16 March

I am a little perplexed at how my auto payment with Zelle was not going through a certain company and I was hoping that JPMorgan Chase Bank would illuminate this issue for me at the soonest. I had initially thought that the company was receiving my payments, but then I …

05 March

I am so annoyed at the management of JPMorgan Chase Bank because they had shut down an account that we had for about two decades without given us any notice at all. Their reason: the account had not been setup …

19 February

JPMorgan Chase Bank has not been helpful at all with the fraud that occurred when my son lost his debit card. Apparently someone deposited a large amount of money into his account and later someone else seemed to have withdrawn it in cash in another ATM on the other sid…

07 February

Chase Bank is being very difficult to work with. I was recently victim to a scam by a financial institution and I asked if I could have the money refunded to me since I was not given word that Chase Bank had au…

24 January


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