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Name: Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.
4300 West Cypress St. Suite 600 Tampa, FL
United States

I had to wait patiently for almost half an hour because of the employees at Checkers and Rally's and when I get to the window I find out that they are all messing around play fighting delaying the lives of thei…

22 March

I am a veteran and I am a senior citizen. My friend and I just wanted to get some food from Checkers and Rally's on different bills, but we were not given the opportunity to do so by a woman who thought it was …

09 March

I am annoyed that I have wasted so much time waiting for food at Checkers and Rally's. It would have probably taken me less time if I had gone to another fast food establishment instead of spend almost an hour …

26 February

My husband and I could not believe the food that we received from Checkers and Rally's the last time we tried to order takeout from them. The first time they gave us the food after waiting for a very long time,…

12 February

I received the wrong from Checkers and Rally's and I did not get as much as a small apology from the staff. This is not to mention that every time I visit Checkers and Rally's I find their employees to be amongst the rudest bunch of people to ever work in food service. …

30 January

This is absolutely disgusting, I got myself a couple of burgers and some fries the other day and I found that they had hair in them! Imagine spitting out your burger to find blonde human hair. Here's the funny thing, I'm not even blonde! Get your food preparation in ord…

12 January


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