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San Ramon
United States - 94583

I have a really thick accent and as I was trying to call the attention of the Chevron attendant behind a thick glass window, he thought that I was yelling at him or trying to instigate a fight. I do not think h…

3 d

I was very annoyed at the Chevron cashiers because I was instructed to line up at another queue only for this cashier to tell me that the promotional offers they have could only be rung up at the original queue. So I waited patiently again and the woman there told me th…

08 March

I was really surprised that someone was yelled at when I was just trying to purchase something from the Chevron store. I did not mean to eavesdrop at all but there was a man that was screamed at by the owner be…

21 February

I think that the antifreeze products and other vehicular needs products that Chevron are way too overpriced to even be on the market. Something must be done about the exorbitant pricing that they have in place …

08 February

Chevron's branch in this particular area had such a bad bathroom. It was not bad in the sense that it was dirty, but I sincerely feel like they used too much chemical to get everything cleaned up. When I tried …

26 January


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