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I am a member of the rewards program of Circle K Stores and I have found that they cannot deliver on the rewards that I was supposed to get from them. I know that for every ten coffees that I purchase from them…

09 April

Everyone has to understand how annoying it can be for a foodstamp card to be declined. My experience at Circle K Stores was one of these instances where I really felt like they need want me to use my food stamp…

16 March

I was a little disappointed to find out that the signs that Circle K Stores had about the price of gas was all wrong and I ended up paying way too much for the gas that I had originally thought would be as affo…

05 March

I am appalled by the treatment that I got from Circle K Stores after I had bought a carbonated drink that I wanted to enjoy on that day. I noticed that after I had left the store that there seemed to be what ap…

20 February

There is this new employee at one of the Circle K Stores that has been muttering racially discriminatory comments towards me and denying me the service that I need. When I asked for receipts she would really give me attitude, and one time she told me she was not going t…

07 February

I went to one of the Circle K Stores in order to pick up a few things for myself, after I paid for everything and had gotten my receipt I realized that I was completely overcharged for what I bought. I proceeded to go back to the store to tell the cashier about what hap…

24 January


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