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Name: Citigroup Inc.
Mobile: +1 866 213 0890
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San Antonio
United States - 78245

My wife and I had made a large transaction on our Citibank credit card and she had to up our limit to make this transaction. We were able to pay for it in full shortly using our bank account. However, we realiz…

4 d

I had just wanted to use a certain service that Citibank offered but unfortunately there was a problem with the information they had on my file and they needed it to be fixed at the soonest. I obliged them but …

01 March

I am so annoyed at Citibank because it seemed as if they did not want me as a customer with them any longer despite being with their company for the longest time. I had a problem with my credit card and they le…

16 February

Citibank has been very responsible with how they handled the cancellation of the credit card that I used to have with them. I have talked to two Citibank customer service representatives who told me definitively that they would cancel my account. Little did I know that …

02 February

I was at a Citibank wealth management trying to get my hands on some CDs for the fund that our mother left us. It's almost a million dollars and all the wealth manager could give me was attitude, I found her extremely patronizing and rude. She was extremely unhelpful. I…

22 January


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