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Never have I ever dealt with people as difficult as the ones from CitiMortgage. Their customer service barely calls you to inform you of anything and when they do and you happen to ask them a serious question, …

19 March

I think that CitiMortgage should have better internal communications within its own departments because after calling four times to have someone to talk to, I was then called by someone else saying that it was …

06 March

I have been so annoyed at the service that I have been receiving from CitiMortgage because of the way that they have been treating my calls to them. They have been refusing to give me my amount information and I have not been able to pay my mortgage as of late. This is …

20 February

CitiMortgage has been so difficult to reach and I really need them now the treasurer of my county has been asking me for my payments. I have entrusted CitiMortgage with the payments of my property's mortgage an…

08 February

I have been having a lot of problems with CitiMortgage and their loan policies and this has prompted me to write a compliant about them. I went through the CitiMortgage trial period but for some peculiar reason they were not sending me any statements. I was the slapped …

25 January


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