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Name: Citizens Financial Group, Inc.
Toll free: +1 800 922 9999
1 Citizens Plz
Rhode Island
United States - 02903

I have been trying my best to request that Citizens Bank automatically debit my savings account when it comes to my autoloan because it would make things faster for. However, they do not seem to want to do that for me at all. The first representative I talked to made me…

15 May

My family has been loyal customers and patrons of Citizens Bank for as long as we can remember and it really irks us out that they still have not stopped charging us archaic fees that do not apply to anyone any…

27 March

When I had gone to Citizens Bank to withdraw some money I had made sure that I had left three dollars in my account in order to keep it alive. However, I find out a couple of days later that I was being charged…

13 March

I was a little thrilled that there was a security officer outside of Citizens Bank this morning as I was supposed to make a sizeable withdrawal from their automated teller machine. However, when I had told the officer to move away, I was not listened to and I felt like …

27 February

I am so annoyed at Citizens Bank because I have been calling them for so long and all the customer service representatives that have been answering my calls have been so rude to me. However, there was one who r…

15 February

I find that Citizens Bank is really sketchy when it comes to their overdraft charging facilities, there are just so many things that they seem to want to charge you for. It's understandable that they want to make a quick buck from their customers but not charges piled o…

01 February

The Citizens Bank has been giving me problems for quite some time now and I don't know why they can't just develop it properly. One thing that the Citizens Bank app does not do that it's supposed to do, is tell…

18 January


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