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Name: Wyndham Vacation Resorts
6277 Sea Harbor Dr
United States - 32821

I work as an assistant to a chief executive officer and we have been trying to check out why Club Wyndham still has not been able to issue him his card yet. He would really like to use his points on his next tr…

27 March

I would seriously like my points back from Club Wyndham for the very uncomfortable stay that we had. toilet water had leaked on our clothes during the day and we asked to be connected to a manager. We never got…

13 March

My experience during the hurricane was a terrible one over at Club Wyndham. I had booked it using a booking application and when I had gotten into my room I inspected the room like I always do. The sheets did n…

27 February

I am so annoyed with my Club Wyndham membership even though I paid so much hard earned money to avail of it. It seems as if they do not respect my purchase of their services at all. I think they are just in the business to take money from their customers. I tried to boo…

15 February

I have been unable to log into my Club Wyndham membership account online and I still have not diagnosed the root of the problem. This has been such a hassle to me and my family members because we are not able to conduct regular business on the site. When I tried calling…

01 February

This company just took money out of my account because of thier own fault and now I have to suffer. I already informed them ages in advance that they had made mistake in the processing of my payment and the refund that they told me they were going to give me seems to be…

18 January


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