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I do not know what has happened to the quality of the handbags being made at Coach lately because I have been a patron of the company for such a long time and it pains me that they would be acting this way for …

2 h

I think that I can speak for a lot of people who know that they purchase Coach because of the quality that is associated with the product. However, buying Coach can also be problematic. I had gotten myself a tote bag from them at a premium outlet store. It was said to b…

29 April

I am so incredibly annoyed and livid at an employee from Coach because of the way that I was treated. I was treated so rudely and inconsiderately that I had to call customer service and explain what had happene…

21 April

I was supposed to surprise my mother who was going to be celebrating a milestone in her life, but for some reason, I was unable to because the purchase order that I had made on Coach did not go through and the …

08 April

I am not a resident of the United States and about eight years ago I bought a bag from Coach that I have not used ever since the purchase. Originally, it was of a cream color, but now upon checking it out to us…

16 March

We have been shopping at Coach for as long as my family can remember and some of the employees that work there are actually really nice to us. I am a little perplexed at the fact that the last time I was at Coach I felt like I was discriminated. I had overheard a sales …

05 March

I was really thrilled when I was able to purchase a bag from Coach, I used a combination of my credit card and a gift card to be able to buy it online. However, for some reason there was no record of my order which prompted me to call Coach. They told me that since it w…

19 February

We were purchasing a couple of items from Coach and we were pretty much alright with the whole experience, the only problem was when a family member of mine decided to ask the cashier for a question. She just asked her if there could be a new hole added to the purse tha…

07 February

Coach bags and the brand, in general, are known for good quality, correct? Then how come this one handbag I bought disappointed me? I purchased it from one of the Coach outlet stores and I have barely used it. One time I did the color of my clothing stained the bag. Why…

24 January


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