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I am so annoyed at the Coinbase platform because it does not seem to be letting me withdraw the money I need and it has been weeks. I have already paid Coinbase the money that they needed to facilitate the with…

08 March

Coinbase really surprised me because my account has been disabled and the reason behind this was fraud. However, I did not do anything to do this and I am now missing all my coins. They seemed to have been transferred to another account and this is irritating because th…

22 February

I have been so hassled by Coinbase because setting up an account with them is such a hassle to do. I have to go through numerous hoops and I also had to do so many things in between just to have my account veri…

09 February

Millions and millions of dollars from Wire trnasfer we gone missing in coinbase system. Nobody know where it is and customer support never respond as well. Why do I know? Because I am one of those people who os…

06 February

I almost gave up on cryptocurrencies because coinbase scammed me. I completely lost faith on any companies in this industry because on one bad experience with bitcoin, until I came across where I successfully bought bitcoins and I got the bitcoins in less t…

06 February

Support is very bad. I have been waiting for months and months to get my money back or at least to have an answer as to where is my coins now.It has been like this for long time, probably a year ofstruggling with coinbase. I had other issues with their platform and it t…

06 February

Coinbase opportunistically went down during the most active and profitable moment during the announcement of the Bitcoin ETF on March 10th. The exchange was looking a little fishy locking me out during the time…

06 February

Customer support/service is no existent. If you need to "speak" with someone, it is by email, which they do not respond to, only bots and auto response which never give you any answer. When I am considering inv…

01 February

Everything with coinbase and later gdax was smooth and very easy to use. After a few days I could not even sign in to gdax and coinbase won’t let me trade. I have all my money frozen and Cusco Er service told me to be patient and they are working on it. My message to th…

01 February

I asked for a small SEPA transfer from my UK bank. I waited a week or two before getting an email back saying they couldn't verify it until i fill a link out on their site. I provided everything they asked me from the form they sent over but the worst is they still cant…

30 January


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