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Amazon owed my child some money and a man took control of my computer and asked me to do a bunch of things for him. I even took a photograph my license and I was told that the money would instead be refunded to…

06 May

I use Coinbase as one of the platforms for my trading of cryptocurrency and lately, I have had a slight problem with them. I have been trying to withdraw my balance from them, but it seems as if they are not le…

02 May

I was a little perplexed to find that I was charged the wrong amount on my credit card when I had purchased coins through Coinbase. Instead of being charged three hundred pounds I was charged more than half of …

25 April

I was a little more than annoyed when I discovered that Coinbase was not allowing me to purchase any more of a coin that I wanted to buy. I feel as if their platform is not ready to accept and handle the number of requests that they are receiving due to the volatility o…

15 April

I previously had smooth transactions with Coinbase until the time came when I could not sign in to my account and wont let me trade. I never had any refunds or anything at all.  I now have a total of 70, 000 us…

12 April

I believe most people would agree that coinbase is when the person investing is in Canada, you can never sell whatever you have there. I dont understand is why would they still wait for someone to deposit and trade when when they can immediately block the person the mom…

11 April

When you are badly in need of support, dont expect that from coinbase itself.If you are in need to speak to anyone, it will only by email and they will barely respond to you. This is what I completely dont like…

11 April

i have sent some payment last month to Coinbase and verified the transfer by my bank. My bank confirmed that the payment was sent to Coinbase's Estonia Bank branch on the same day of the transaction. It has been 2 weeks and sent more than a dozen of emails but never res…

08 April

This site deserves zero rating and a bunch of complaints are all true. We all have evidences how they cheat people, rob people and take all the money of their clients! They are all incapable and incompetent group to scam all their clients! I will never use this coinbase…

07 April

It was a worse experience in my cryptocurrency trading. Coinbase charged me double in onr of my transaction and when I reached out to them, they did not respond. My credit card bill was due so I immediately contacted to issue a chargeback.I thought it was all done but w…

07 April


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