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I was kind of shocked to find out that Collect Pros sent me a letter of supposed to debt that I had with them because of a company that has been secretly taking my money. I know this is fraud on so many different levels, but I wish that they could help me with all of th…

06 March

I cannot believe the people from Collect Pros because they do not seem to verify the charges that they are willing to impose on a unsuspecting person. I have not ordered anything from the company that has given…

20 February

I got some correspondence from Collect Pros telling me that I owed a service called Valere Skin almost a hundred bucks! A hundred bucks of what? I do not even know what this company is and what they do, I don't even use skin care products. This seems to a charge without…

07 February

I was recently charged by Collect Pros with a collection notice for a business that I was not aware of. In fact, upon further research I find out that this particular business has not even been in business for quite some time. How could they be so careless and reckless …

25 January


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