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Name: Complete Savings
Sentinel House - Airspeed Road
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I cannot believe that Complete Savings would have the nerve to take money out of my account for the past two years without my prior authorization. However, the most incredible thing that has happened is that th…

03 April

My husband and I noticed as we were spending time going through our financial statements that Complete Savings has been taking money out of our account. We have not signed up with them or anything like that so …

15 March

I  am annoyed that Complete Savings just decided to take money out of my account even though I have never heard of this company before. I think that all transactions should be duly approved by the person who ow…

01 March

i cannot believe the nerve of the people who have set up the website Complete Savings because all they want is to make deductions out of your account. I thought I could get my money back on this particular serv…

19 February

I only heard of this company once when I bought tickets to use public transportation and now I find out that Complete Savings has taken money out of my bank account for something. I did not authorize any of these charges that they claim, nor did I enroll in any auto deb…

06 February

Did I accidentally sign up for something that I was not aware of from Debenhams? The thing is the last time I even used my credit card was at a particular Debenhams store and, for some odd reason after that, I …

23 January


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