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I think that Con Edison should really think about the way it handles the scheduling of safety checks and maintenance because they made me wait for way too long today. I was told that they would send people over to do an inspection. Every time I called them up they would…

02 May

I do not know what is wrong with the people at Con Edison, but I do not think that they realized that we still do not have full power because of them. Due to this, I have already hurt myself falling down the st…

23 April

We are so mad at Con Edison for taking so long at inspecting our newly rebuilt house and installing some meters in so that we could have normal utilities such as electricity connected to our home. You see we ha…

12 April

I cannot believe that the people from Con Edison are doing everything that they can to make sure that you pay them extra money for the bills that you have with them. I had already shut off all my breakers leavi…

21 March

I do not know why my client is constantly being removed from the Con Edison low income reduced rate program, it is so annoying for her and her income status will not change in the near future. This is why we ar…

09 March

A lot of people find that one of the employees on the Con Edison payroll seems to be driving his vehicle really intoxicated on illegal drugs that might not appear on tests. His social media activity is also con…

23 February

I want to inform Con Edison that what they did as a temporary fix for a wire that runs through a tree, my roof and my neighbor's roof as well is starting to become a safety hazard. I need it gone at the soonest…

12 February

The contractors from Con Edison  have cause my family so much money in damages. In fact, I have already experienced two floods because of them. I am a single mother of two with nowhere to turn to and nobody at Con Edison  wants to pick up the phone. They caused so much …

30 January

I live in one of the boroughs of New York, and sometime after noon, two males started working on stationing a smart meter outside our house. At some point, one of the males needed to do number 1 and just went r…

12 January


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