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I have already informed Conexis that I wanted Cobra benefits but for some reason I think it still has not been processed yet, leaving vulnerable and unprotected. I do not know what is taking them so long to do …

22 March

I still do not know what happened to my Conexis plan after I have paid them and elected cobra. You see I have left my company and I had already made sure that all my paperwork was straight for Conexis. However, I feel as if nothing has happened with these papers yet. Ho…

12 March

Conexis seems to hold onto their client's money for way too long turning a simple insurance payment into such a complete hassle. Imagine not having coverage for weeks at a time thanks to their services to their clients. They are completely impossible to deal with becaus…

26 February

i have a retirement package from the person that employs me and I tried to contact Conexis in order to make certain arrangements. I also did this so that I would be able to get some of my questions answer. They are rerouting my calls to a call center in another part of …

12 February

I have already prepaid for the amount that Conexis needs in order for my wife to be eligible for her prescriptions but each month she becomes inactive. I have to keep calling their customer service representatives each month to try and get this fixed and she ends up wit…

30 January

I had a couple of claims with Conexis that I needed resolution with, I found out that some of my claims were paid but the problem is they never gave me an explanation for the one that wasn't. They told me that the claim was resubmitted but I did it incorrectly, although…

12 January


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