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I am so mad at the service that I have been receiving from Conn's because it almost seems as if they do not want to take care of their customers. Maybe these guys did not mean it at all and I feel like they sho…

24 May

I was previously employed by Conn's and I just wanted to inform everybody who purchases goods from the company that they treat their employees badly. We had one of the heads come over and request that I pull my…

19 March

I really want to deal with a company that has a certain degree of competency and not one that just wants to make a quick buck out of their customers. I had requested for a delivery date and they deliver four days in advance, this was really bad since I was not in my pla…

06 March

I am absolutely livid at the customer service from Conn's because what they did to me does not make sense at all. My dryer broke and actually caught fire due to no fault of mine whatsoever, they told me they would send a few technicians over to check the faulty applianc…

21 February

I am a man of my word and I value the things that I agree to but the way Conn's has been treating me is not right at all. I made a purchase order for a lot of items a few months ago and I had to wait for three months before they told me that one of the items I bought wa…

08 February

I bought a lot of expensive appliances from Conn's but there seems to be a problem with a stove that almost cost me a thousand dollars. It was not really working to begin with and when I asked that it be replaced with a working they told me they would just send a techni…

25 January


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