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I am a little surprised at how Costco Wholesale Corporation packages their products in the beauty and health division that they have because I feel like it is such a wasteful practice that they have going on ri…

3 d

I have recently been utterly disappointed by the way Costco Wholesale Corporation handled my orders of items from them. I waited for so long when I saw that my order was flagged as shipped, but for some reason …

06 April

I do not think that I will ever get photographs printed from the Costco Wholesale Corporation because every time I try to do this there is either a problem with the waiting time or the photo quality that I am p…

16 March

I think that the inventory system at the Costco Wholesale Corporation should be revisited and revised soon. I was looking for a certain item so one of the people over at the company decided to check it out on t…

05 March

I had ordered a pie from Costco Wholesale Corporation's food court and I was really happy with the speed of the transaction, up until I was about to get the pie itself. One of the employees started yelling obsc…

19 February

I was able to go to Costco Wholesale Corporation to get two of my cellular phones replaced with gift cards but it has been so long and I still have not received any answer as to the status of those said gift ca…

06 February

Costco Wholesale Corporation should immediately drop their endorsement with DIRECTV. Recently, the company introduced an update that made everything so hard to read. Everything was just a hassle to read and manage. I am now waiting for my contract to end so that I can s…

24 January


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