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Name: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.
307 Hartmann Drive
United States - 37087

We had ordered food from Cracker Barrel and we were told that it would be ready by noon but this was not the case at all. It was thanksgiving and we completely understand that the restaurant was going to be in …

08 March

I do not how rude people get hired on front end positions especially at busy times in the holidays. In my experience, the server that was supposed to serve us at Cracker Barrel was so inconsiderate that we were all surprised at his rudeness. He did not seem to be able t…

22 February

I recently bought a Christmas tree from Cracker Barrel, but I did not get to opening the package until recently because I was busy. I was surprised when I did get to opening the package because it appears that …

09 February

I ordered what seemed to be a novelty item from Cracker Barrel but it has been awhile and I still have not received anything from them at all. All this time I thought that Cracker Barrel had already sent it and it was just probably being processed by their logistics tea…

29 January


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