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I am requesting that the team over at Craigslist do something to help out my family and I. For some reason, some undesirable personalities have hijacked my personal information and is using it to rent my own pr…

15 March

I think someone that I remotely know is trying to play some sort of prank or game with me on Craigslist, but it is seriously affecting my entire life now. I have been receiving so many messages from so called "women" because the ad said that I was looking for women of s…

01 March

I have been receiving nude photographs from people all over the country because of a fake Craigslist that featured my personal and private phone number. I do not appreciate this one bit and I am appealing to th…

16 February

Iconic Motorcars sold me a car through Craigslist and I paid them with good money that they did not treat me like I paid them good money. The car that I got through Craigslist was not even working right, and ev…

02 February

Last week, I bought tickets on Craigslist to a Blackhawks game, and after I had sent the seller the money, he has not replied to me at all. This was on Craigslist, okay, and I wonder if I am covered in any way.…

22 January


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