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Name: Daily Sale, Inc.
2524 N Andrews Avenue Ext.
Pompano Beach
United States - 33064-2112

I do not understand how the DailySale.com system has rejected my credit card but still managed to charge me. I now want the orders cancelled if there were orders to begin with because I have already purchased t…

20 March

Sometimes communicating with some people is just so hard. I have already expressed interest in purchasing a new laptop for my son, and I was well aware that we were going to be shipped a new one from DailySale.…

08 March

I want to apologize for not being able to process this request sooner. I request your indulgence since I am a senior citizen and I have been weak as of late. I have ordered and purchased an item from DailySale.…

22 February

I heard so much about this wonder product that DailySale.com  was offering on its website. They had a lot of reviews too, all raving about how good the item is so I decided to purchase one and give it a shot. W…

09 February

I have a small problem with DailySale.com I recently got one of my family members a present, but then it ended up being delivered somewhere else. It was a gift so I wanted it to be delivered to the address of m…

29 January


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