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Name: International Dairy Queen, Inc.
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I went to a Dairy Queen to get some food for my family and I and I was surprised to have waited for about half an hour as the woman behind the window continued to apologize profusely about the cook who was taking his time. She did her part, but I am so annoyed at the co…

4 d

I noticed that someone had brought a homeless man into a Dairy Queen and had fed him out of the generosity of their heart. However, the staff, including the manager that was on duty, started mistreating this ma…

06 March

A homeless man with just one limb was trying to enjoy himself at a particular Dairy Queen branch and the staff were giving him so much trouble for it. In fact, we were having dinner with him. He was not causing…

20 February

I am aware of the Dairy Queen operating hours and I do not understand why they close so early. I got there at the given time and what happened was the employees gave me such a bad look. It was still half an hou…

08 February

I just wanted to buy some Dairy Queen from their store and all I got was absolutely nothing from the counter. I stood there with no cashier or anyone for that matter willing to take my order. I was actually yelling out for someone to notice to take my order because I kn…

25 January


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