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I had initially thought that DealDash was a great company. I did all the basics. I signed up, made an account and started bidding for something. When I had won, I realized that this company might be a scam beca…

29 March

I would like to advise everybody that happens to be reading this, including my friends, colleagues and family members to avoid DealDash as much as possible because they use deceptive strategies to lure you in. …

14 March

I really want a refund from DealDash because it just took money out of my account for something that I accidentally hit. It is definitely just too time consuming for me to stay on the application all the day lo…

28 February

I do not know if I am the only person and shopper that has noticed that the deals on DealDash are not actually good deals at all because they are all severely overpriced and of doubtful quality. It really surprises me to find that they still continue these practices of …

15 February

I find that all the deals that are presented to new users that have subscribed and availed of DealDash are better than those of long time clients such as myself. This does not seem fair at all, why should they reap of all the better benefits because they are new. Are we…

01 February

This website has the most doubtful business practices. If you think about it, only the people who have been on the platform for quite some time and have the necessary experience can actually get decent DealDash promos. The platform is something that you can easily manip…

19 January


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