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Name: Diamond Resorts Holdings, LLC.
Diamond Resorts International, 10600 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas
United States - 89135

If you are looking to have a frustrating time whenever you feel like booking a vacation then I would tell you to sign up with the folks over at Diamond Resorts. They have been giving me nothing but annoyance, anger, and frustration with all their antics and it seems as …

08 April

I pay a large amount to be a member of Diamond Resorts and I do not think it is actually worth it. Case in point: I have actually looked around when a specific property was unavailable with the platform and I f…

16 March

I am appalled at how some companies just seem to take advantage of people especially during the time the hurricane devastated a lot of the United States recently. We had booked through an online platform but we…

05 March

We have been with Diamond Resorts for quite some time and we will not be recommending their sampler package to anyone that we know because of its various flaws. The communication that we have had with the staff…

19 February

Diamond Resorts has been really excessive in the force that they use when they try to convince you to buy into their program. We felt like something was not right and we were really forced in signing the papers. Here is the other thing, when we tried to cancel the payme…

07 February

We recently signed up for a Diamond Resorts sampler package without knowing that there were many strings attached to that particular package deal. We initially thought that it would be perfect for our needs, being customers of Diamond Resorts for quite some time now. It…

24 January


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