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I had ordered a pair of shoes from Dick's Sporting Goods and I waited until I had them delivered to my residence. When I had gotten the package, the paper outside it indicated it was shoes inside the box. Howev…

3 d

My husband had gotten me such a beautiful shirt from Dick's Sporting Goods for my birthday but the problem was that it was a little too small to fit me so I decided to return it with all its peripherals - shipp…

28 February

I waited for so long because apparently it takes so many associates and a manager to assist a woman purchase a bicycle. When it finally got to my turn I had to really struggle because the other associates were …

15 February

I visited a Dick's Sporting Goods to look at a couple of things and I noticed that after awhile there was a staff member who started following me wherever I went. When I visited the restroom and I came back outside he look to be fixing shelves where I had just exited. W…

01 February

Dick's Sporting Goods has a bad system and I hope that they fix it soon. Every time I try to buy something I get rejected from buying it. I don't even know if it's my credit card or anything of that sort becaus…

18 January


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