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I do not know if I am the only one annoyed at DirecTV because their new television guide is just really terrible. I do not like how the user interface and user experience pans out within this new thing that the…

11 h

I do not think that anyone wants to accidentally have to pay for someone else's cable bill and I certainly do not want to pay for something that I have not utilized. Plaintively, that is just a complete waste o…

04 May

I am so annoyed at DirecTV because it seems as if they do not want to reconnect my service at all. I have called them and all they have kept telling me was "no." I then discovered that I had an overdue balance …

30 April

We had the DirecTV package installed in our new place of residence the other day and we found that their joint venture with their landlines did not arrive to install the said landline package. We waited and we …

20 April

I am a little annoyed at a DirecTV scammer who called me up offering me a great deal, but I had to pay them with an Amazon gift check. This did not make sense to me at all so I called up DirecTV and told them a…

31 March

I am appalled at the service from DirecTV because no matter how many times I had requested for my account to be suspended, they still did not do anything about this. What surprises me is that they are requestin…

15 March

I really cannot believe how some service providers treat the people who have been so loyal to them. I have been patronizing DirecTV for such a long time and how I wish that they would treat me better. I have be…

01 March

I am so annoyed with the management and promotions of DirecTV because I signed in to one of their packages with the notion that I was getting a free gift card when I did so. This did not come to pass and I stil…

16 February

The people from DirecTV  that were supposed to set everything up for me did not even arrive and I had to call up the company to find out what was going on. The other funny thing about all of this is that they said they were going to send me a refund and another tech to …

02 February

I was just trying to cancel my subscription when I was offered a gift cheque for a hundred dollars. Even though I insisted that I wanted no such thing, the rep kept on insisting that I should just avail of the offer and it would only cost me less than five bucks. I soon…

22 January


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