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I am so annoyed because I am not the only person complaining about the Discovery Channel game Gold Rush. There are more two thousand complaints about it not being sold as a finished product and now it is imposs…

28 April

I miss the good old days when I used to watch Discovery Channel as a kid because the stuff that they show now is just absolute garbage. There are way too many advertisements and the stuff that they show does no…

22 April

I do not like the number of political advertisements that Discovery Channel has been airing because I do not feel like it should be mixed with the programming that they have. I must admit that some of these adv…

16 April

I do not get why a channel like the Discovery Channel would be advertising certain commercials against the current administration. They are inflammatory comments and media, but I really feel as if the channel s…

20 March

I have grown up watching the Discovery Channel and I do not like the political commercials that they have been airing against the president that I support. I really think that it is biased and I also firmly bel…

08 March

You see, I have been a fan of the Discovery Channel ever since I was little child and lately I feel like that some things that you show are incredibly political to a certain degree. Lately, I have noticed that …

21 February

people should no the facts behind the show Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel because it has cost the inhabitants of the area their home and yet it is still famous because of this reality show. Discovery Channe…

08 February

The last episode of Discovery Channel's Edge of Alaska was just so bad and a waste of everyone's time. Viewers had to watch them actually make a cabin and fix whatever had been broken. This show just got so bad…

26 January


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