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I was so annoyed trying to deal with the service of the DISH Network. I had called up the customer service desk of the company in the hopes of talking to a representative who could help me out with my queries a…

03 May

I am so annoyed at the service that I have been receiving from DISH Network bnecause no matter how many times they come over to fix my system, there is always something broken. In the past two months, I have had my system crash five times due to something or another and…

25 April

I am so annoyed at DISH Network because it seems as if they cannot even understand me at all. I hope that they do something about this at the soonest because I keep making a service request for four HD televisi…

18 April

I am a little more than annoyed at the DISH Network because they have been changing the time slots as to when their techs will arrive to fix the problems I have been having with my connection. This was all with…

27 March

I was led on to subscribe to the DISH Network by the offer of a voucher and gift card and I thought that it would be okay. However, I did not receive anything at all from them. This really annoyed me because wh…

13 March

I am so annoyed at the DISH Network that I switched providers to day and I have never been so happy. I have been such a loyal customer to the DISH Network patronizing all their products and services, but the wa…

27 February

I cannot believe how the DISH Network conducts its business given the current time and my medical situation. If only I had more choices but it's hard when they're pretty much the only people providing cable. I …

15 February

Customer representatives from the DISH Network keep contacting me telling me that they need to talk to a certain customer of theirs that has an unpaid bill. However, I keep telling them that they have the wrong number. DISH Network has already told me twice that they wi…

01 February

Dish Network seriously need to employ a better flowchart in dealing with the different queries that its customers have. I just wanted to start a new service and my debt, I would not have imagined that I would b…

18 January


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