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I think that some people who work in customer service have forgotten about the most important things in that sector, customers and the service you give them. One of the employees at Dollar General was very hate…

19 April

I am so annoyed to find out that the manager at Dollar General has told most of her employees not to help me reload my Green Dot card. It was a good thing that one of the employees that worked there was okay wi…

05 April

I cannot believe that the newly hired manager of a Dollar General location has been so rude to me with everything. Ever since he got hired I have found that it has been so hard to transact with him as he has al…

15 March

There are two employees of the Dollar General store that I absolutely dislike, one is the cashier that works there on the same shift as the annoying manager. I do not like the manager because the manager bullies all the employees that work under her supervision. She onl…

01 March

Do not get me wrong. I am always at the Dollar General because it is so convenient and they stock the things that I always buy. However, lately the experience has been marred because of the long lines at the qu…

16 February

I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that even if Dollar General has a lot of employees lurking around the store, they only have one person manning the register for check outs. This creates great strains for the people shopping here because they need to get their …

06 February

i love Dollar General and I have been going there for so long. Lately, I have noticed that the manager that they have in the Dollar General store is really rude. There was this one time where I saw a customer walk in with a service dog, a dog that she needs to live, and…

22 January


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