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Name: DoubleDown Interactive, LLC
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United States - 98104

I spend a lot of time with DoubleDown Casino and I have noticed a stark trend in their algorithms. Every time they get you to pay real money for the fake, imaginary, virtual money that they offer, you will star…

23 March

I am absolutely livid at the management of DoubleDown Casino due to the way that they have treated my account. On several occasions, according to my bank statement, I was charged for chips that I did not even p…

12 March

I have been a long time user of DoubleDown Casino's website and just recently I have been so discouraged to play because of the way the system and the website works for me. It seems as if I do not get the credi…

26 February

I have been a member/player of DoubleDown Casino for quite some time now and I have lots of fun with it. What I have noticed in the past few days is your removal of a certain game that was lots of fun. It's lef…

14 February

I have a string feeling that DoubleDown Casino is rigged because it does not technically let you win at all. I have this particular application in most of my electronic device and I am now in the process of getting rid of it. It just seems as if I have spent so much mon…

31 January

I pay a lot of money to use your services but yet your systems don't seem to be upgraded one little bit. For the past week I've been experiencing major lag although my equipment is just fine. Plus, I have confirmation from other players that they are experiencing this p…

16 January


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