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I think DriveTime preys on those who are weak with bad credit and will do anything to get a vehicle. This was my situation back some time ago, when I did my research I realized that they had charged me ten thou…

29 March

I think that DriveTime has sold me a lemon for a vehicle because I have only gotten use it less than ten times since I bought it a few months ago. This has been a cause for so much discontent on my end because …

14 March

I will not be recommending DriveTime to anyone, let alone my friends and family members. Once they lure and bait you in, you will soon discover how high their interest rates are and how annoying they are to deal with. It is perplexing that I have to deal with them and I…

28 February

It turns out that the vehicle that I had purchased from DriveTime was not worth it at all because it is a lemon. It had so many problems with it that was not discussed to me, but I know I still have a warranty on it. What really annoys me about this car is that they do …

15 February

I know that I was signed to a terrible company with DriveTime but I did not know that it could get any worse. When I try calling them or inquiries their responses are always rude as if they do not care about their customers at all. I have already made so many payments t…

01 February

GMC makes great cars but lately, I've been a little doubtful of that. I purchased the extended warranty on my GMC vehicle (from DriveTime used cars) and after awhile I noticed it was having acceleration problem…

19 January


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