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Customer service speaks all languages apart from Turkish. If you wanna cancel or change anything, it is almost impossible. You cannot do it as online and communicating with the call center personnel is impossible. This firm is so expensive and flying as charter. You can…

19 July 2017

On 30th of December, my EZ**884 numbered flight from Amsterdam to London was cancelled because of air conditions. The authorities told us to organize our hotel and transportation and sending the receipts to Eas…

25 February 2017

On 10.08.2016, I got a message like "We cannot process your 188.35 TRY payment because of insufficient balance." How is it possible to have a unsecured payment system without 3D? Easyjet only cares the payment …

18 August 2016

My 09.07.2015 dated tickets from Nice to Rome for 6 people were cancelled and did not refund yet. We were not informed in advanced and learned this cancellation on the airport. I sent many e-mails to airlines but there is no response and refund.

07 August 2015

Easyjet cancelled our Munich - Rome tickets one day before flight because of fire in airport. We reserved and paid the accomodation and refund is not possible. I could not talk with anyone from customer service, just waited 10 minutes on the phone. It is not acceptable.

20 July 2015


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