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I discussed with a participant in Eataly's workshop. It was so obvious that he will commit violence but chef watched it. Then discussion continued and he threw a glass of water on me. Security has came but did not take him out. When I asked help, they just asked me that…

04 July 2017

Eataly does marketing as Italian but sells mostly local and Turkish products. Why they selling the fake Nutella which has produced in Manisa? Also, they have double prices. They supposed to sell Italian products. Prices are extremely high and security staff is bad. In r…

09 April 2017

On 28.12.2016, I lost my glasses in Eataly. When I called the security, they said that they found it. But when I went to take it, they could not find it, covered the story with apologizes. They did not compensate it and also take into consideration my request about came…

23 March 2017

Eataly security staff is unqualified and does not the security. You can feel yourself as robber.

13 March 2017

On 16.05.2015, I did shopping from Eataly and purchased three bottle of Italian olive oils. I wanted to taste them but a group of staff has come and started to move away the tasting plates and olive oil bottles. Then, I went to the shelves and they came again to organis…

26 May 2016

On 25th of April, we went to Eataly to eat pasta. We sit in two person table and used third chair to put our stuff. At the end of dinner, a personnel came and wanted to take the chair. When we asked the reason, he could not say any logical thing. I think that he behaved…

28 March 2016

We went to Eataly for Valentine Days dinner and hope to eat Italian food. But, they said that they don't serve out of menu on Valentine's Day and have a fixed menu. Menu was insufficient and tasteless. Even tho…

04 March 2015

Eataly has unfair price policy and we will never go there again. They serve an export water from Italy and it's 8 TRY for 500 ml. We prefer to drink local water but they did not give any options to choose. Pizza is 22 TRY but water is TRY. It is unfair. Please reorganiz…

27 March 2014


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