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I have had to deal with a lot of dubious people on eHarmony lately and it makes me wonder if the platform has some sort of screening system on it because it seems as if it does not. I had to deal with a liar wh…

11 April

I cannot believe that I wasted so much money on eHarmony and it did not even let me find guys that were my type. When I had called them multiple times about this, they kept telling me to change my parameters. Looks are not important to me but I want that attraction, too…

19 March

I do not think that I will be recommending eHarmony to any of my friends or even family members with the service that they provide to the people that are their clients. I find them to be a little useless with the way they treat your concerns. they have not fixed any of …

06 March

I do not think that eHarmony is the place to find your one true love and that there are other ways to find true love rather than paying for it with this service. The people and the community here are not people that you want to spend time with, they are in it for the wr…

20 February

I had gifted my mother with a paid eHarmony account last time and it was paid for using my credit card. She told me that the service was bad and she did not really seem delighted using it. After a year eHarmony decides to be sneaky and renew her membership without my co…

07 February

I do not know if I am the only one that realizes that the eHarmony service is very akin to a scam. I have recently been put up with more than five guys who were not even from my area and yet they still charge me for mistakes like this. I cannot believe a company like eH…

25 January


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