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Name: Energy Wise LED Solutions, LLC
2629 Townsgate Rd Ste 235
Westlake Village
United States - 91361

Our company are experts on a lot of things and we thought that we could hire a local company to handle the lighting system that we needed in our company. However, Energywise LED Solutions has failed us in so ma…

20 March

I would advise every person reading this, whether you need commercial or residential LED solutions, please do not utilize the services of Energywise LED Solutions because they are terrible company to work with.…

08 March

We had bought such a large order from Energywise LED Solutions and we did not get what we paid for at all. It has caused our company so much distress and we demand to see something done about this. We thought t…

22 February

I find that Energywise LED Solutions is one of the most fraudulent companies that you can ever deal with because of the way everyone there is acting. I tried to invest such a large sum of money with them and th…

09 February

Energywise LED Solutions LLC makes bulbs that do not have the safety characteristics that you would normally expect. I recently caught one of the bulbs made my Energywise LED Solutions that was installed in my …

29 January


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