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I bought a watch from Trendyol as a gift, but I'm embarrassed. My friend use it only 2 or 3 times and watch strap split (I've attached photo…

05 September 2017

My Esprit 101002 coded watch's cord has broken. The firm says that cords are not producing anymore and I cannot use the watch. I paid a lot for this watch and why they cannot supply cords?

30 June 2017

On 10.10.2016, I purchased a Esprit watch for my partner. But its cord has turned black with two times using. I sent it back to Trendyol and stated my complaint. After one month, they sent the watch it back without any change. The reasons are that cords are out warranty…

15 April 2017

I purchased a Esprit watch from Trendyol. After one week, the watch has get dark. I sent it back and they respond one month after, said that…

15 March 2017

My Esprit watch cords has damaged because of water. I sent it back to the firm but they did not change it. The reason is that this is not ordinary case for suede cords. I will never buy Esprit. I could use just…

02 November 2016

I purchased a Esprit watch from Ozdilek Shopping Mall on 21.05.2015 and after one year, its cord was torn to pieces. I sent it to the firm and they said that cords changing is out of warranty and asked 90 TRY for changing. How is it possible smashing cords in one year?

27 June 2016

My Esprit watch has started to leak in less than one year. When I take a shower with it, there is no problem but leaking while washing hands. Technical service fixed it the same problem has repeated after 3 months. Is it possible that Saat & Saat sells fake watches?

09 November 2015

Technical service is too far, on European side. When we call, they said that they will do paid fixing. This brand should have many authorized technical services. Warranty should be applicable.

03 September 2014

I refunded the item 20 days ago but they did not refund it yet. They amuse me. I will go to the court for this.

01 September 2014

My es106822004 coded Esprit watch has cracked in less than one month. I just touched the wall and there is a crack on connection part. It is…

24 June 2014


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