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I got defrauded by etherdelta . they have stolen every one of my tokens and ethereum from my ethereum wallet .I saw my exchange on , all my stolen cash is transfered to etherdelta's wallet for the change from ethereum token to ethreum. and after that it was …

18 January

Made a few increases after purchasing a coin from etherdelta (CRED if you should know) however now I can't get anything exchanged to the smart contract. I alot of errors and irritatingly stall out in limbo while the exchange I sent to the wallet fizzles (I don't lose an…

15 January

Over 2 days attempting to make a deposit. I have enough ETH yet the transaction is rejected or just bombs each and every time. I utilize this shitty platform since it is the special case where I can trade with VEES. Hold up until the point when VEES go elsewhere, Etherd…

15 January

I tried to get a few tokens without progress. Finally I want to send Ehter to anotzer trade. With default gas value, I get an error message. At the point when an expansion the gas rise to 20 gwei, exchange affirmed yet nothing happened . I have checked yet …

15 January


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